How to cheat at

Step №1

Download ChessBot (program for chess cheating) and read instructions on how to use it.

Get your copy of ChessBotX here:

Read instructions here and FAQ here.
Step №2

Use following settings at website:

1. Chess board theme:

2. Piece set:

4. Board size:

5. Animation type:

6. Highlight Moves (blue arrow):

7. Board coordinates: outside
Step №3

Use following settings for your ChessBotX:

1. Choose "" from the website dropdown list.

2. Turn ON "Simulate human moves" checkbox.

3. If you want to use "advisor mode" (recommended), then
Turn ON "Advisor mode" checkbox.

4. Now start new game at, make sure that chess board is
fully visible on the screen.

Make first move manually

6. After that press Alt+W if you're playing white or Alt+B if black.

7. Advisor will show best move on the board shortly.

8. Now you can play the game, and you decide whether to follow
advices or not. The best way is to play most of the game manually
and use advisor from time to time in critical moments.

9. After game is over always press Alt+X to stop the bot.

PS. If you want bot to play automatically, then turn off "advisor mode"
checkbox. In that case, do not make first move manually, just press
Alt+W or Alt+B on the start position. 2018